Centre for Health Innovation and Policy (CHIP) Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. CHIP Foundation is an autonomously governed company registered under the Company’s Act 2013 Section 8. The foundation is governed by a fully empowered, independent, Scientific Advisory Committee that has members from multiple constituencies – government, Indian and international academia and scientific community, civil society and private sector.


Ravi Mehrotra’s expertise covers the gamut of cancer prevention, state of the art diagnostics and treatment. Prof. Mehrotra  is the Founder of Centre for Health Innovation and Policy (CHIP) Foundation. He was till recently the Founder- CEO of the ICMR-India Cancer Research Consortium and directed the ICMR-National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR) at Noida. He completed his medical training followed by MD and D.Phil. and Fellowship of the Royal College. His research includes cancer prevention and tobacco control. Editorial board member of 10 international medical journals, Mehrotra has published >200 scientific articles. He is cited more than 17,000 times and has an H-index of >50. He won the prestigious Dr.P.N.Wahi and  Dr. Lachman awards in Cancer Prevention and the Ernest Fernandes Award of the Indian Academy of Cytologists, in addition to being its past President. He established the WHO Knowledge Hub on Smokeless Tobacco during his tenure as the director of NICPR. By working as committee members at the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) he has contributed to several key global policy and technical documents on cancers.


CHIP Foundation promotes, generates, share and help in implementing policies related to public health, health economics and health innovation technologies to tackle complex issues of multidisciplinary knowledge for the purpose of development.

CHIP Foundation built a platform for experts focusing research with high-priority global health policies.

The Foundation focuses on assisting Inter-governmental organizations, Non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in the area of  health research.